Maggi Crisis And Its e-Commerce Strategy In India

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As soon as the news of the relaunch of Nestle product, Maggi in the Indian market spread on November 9, 2015, a rush in fans of Maggi to get a share was observed. After the relaunch of Maggi, its consumers hurried to gather as many packs as they could.

Now Maggi is back with an eCommerce  strategy. It has tied up with leading eCommerce players to ensure volume and a faster growth. The consumers of Maggi hurried to grab the Maggi packs available online.

Recently 60,000 Maggi packs were sold out in just five minutes via an unique “flash sale model” on

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Maggi’s new strategy:

  1. Tying up with leading eCommerce players – Maggi has tied up with prominent names of eCommerce like Snapdeal and Brand Baby&me of to grab attention of its consumers faster than earlier used traditional modes.
  2. Focus on volume – There are 100 cities and towns where Maggi has been re-launched. Maggi has plans to cover all the recent losses by high volume and double-digit growth.
  3. Right price strategy – As Maggi is consumed by people of age groups, right pricing of Maggi is seems to be a good move.
  4. Bullish on Advertising – Maggi has prepared advertisements involving general people who give the opinion that Maggi was trust worthy and still is safe to eat.

After the recent crisis faced by Maggi because of not clearing the routine test on a pack, from a small town supermarket made the customers lose trust that they gained in decades. However, now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will routinely test samples of Maggi. Maggi was banned after it was found that the quantity of lead content present in it was beyond permissible limits.

Maggi is taking all the necessary steps to gain the trust of its consumers, back. At the same time it is also bullish in the advertising strategy. Let us look below two videos-

Online Coupon Industry in India: Consumer Behavior & Market Overview [Info-graph]

The infographic gives an insight about the evolving coupons industry, behavioral pattern of online shoppers in India.

As the people are becoming habitual of frequent usage of online shopping and coupons in a gradual way, a constant development in coupon industry can be witnessed. There are different coupon websites for the benefit of online shoppers. The continuous market growth is another proof of the upsurge in the coupon industry. Coupon consumption is the highest in case of booking cabs, online ordering food, scheduling and executing travel plans, online recharge, purchasing fashion apparels and electronics online.

  • Total online shoppers: 39 Million
  • Online shoppers searched coupons and deals: 37.05 Million
  • The coupon business is 13.5 per cent of the total e-commerce audience in India
  • Growing at the rate of 62.9 per cent with 7.6 million unique users a month
  • Coupon websites pull up to 40% of the traffic to retailers’s website

Info-graph by:

Online Coupon Industry in India

Mahindra’s launches to compliment existing channels

mahindra m2all e-commerce opens

The Mahindra group, a known power brand made a foray into the growing eCommerce industry with the launch of its online venture, Taking benefit of the boost in online commerce, it has come up with the idea to expand its venture by offering the entire range of Mahindra products and services online.

On Monday the Mahindra group announced that it will launch its eCommerce venture which will be operated through a separate wholly-owned subsidiary called e-Marketplace Pvt. Ltd. The group chief financial officer and Chief information officer, V S Parthasarthy said, the entity will enable all Mahindra group firms to sell their products and services as a way to complement the existing sales channels. At the same time non competing products could also be offered through the platform. At present over 400 products and services can be browsed through by customers of M2ALL.

“I think e-commerce play in India is underestimated. Everybody’s thinking there is bubble building up. No. I think e-commerce is going to explode in this country,” the Mahindra Group chairman and managing director Anand Mahindra told PTI

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 6.23.44 pmFast Facts:

  • Part of Mahindra eMarket Pvt. Ltd. wholly owned by subsdiary of Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Current Team size: 10 employees with an average age of 32 years
  • 5 categories: Mahindra auto, Car service, Real estate, Power solutions and Two wheelers
  • 31 brands under the umbrella
  • Customer support via instant chat, telephone (toll free number) and e-mail


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Indian e-Commerce market leader keen on customer satisfaction

Flipkart the current market leader of eCommerce in India has come up with an interesting idea. Rather than an idea, it’s an effective way to satisfy the customer’s issue while buying.

Buyers have been happy with the way eCommerce sites have kept the promises of quick and safe deliveries. Now, there has been issues with product returns. But, the market has matured and the issues with returns and refunds are being sorted out.

Flipkart’s latest push:

Flipkart's New Refund PolicySource:

While it used to take four to five days for one to receive the refund for the returned product. Flipkart has recently announced that it will implement a swift method to credit the refunds within 24 hours. The market giant has been keen on customer satisfaction with deliveries and hassle free return policies. This move on ‘refunds’ seems to be ahead of any other in the market and a shrewd one at that.

When does Flipkart provide refund?

Flipkart Refund PolicySource:

Top 10 user-friendly Indian eCommerce apps

A great shift in the paradigm of online shopping has occurred after Myntra’s announcement of ‘app only approach’. There could be plenty of apps for various purposes and needs, but shopping apps always have stood alone. The main reason for the uniqueness has been the dedication to the dynamic design and aim to attract the customers.

The top players like Flipkart, Myntra and Snapdeal have invested huge sums to tweak their apps. It is a shrewd approach considering the huge traffic one gets from mobile devices. The following data is provided by Live Mint a subsidiary of Hindustan Times. It details the top and best eCommerce apps that are attractive and easy to use.

india's top ten app


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China-Based Investors Keen for Indian Startups, Invest in iamWire

iamWire-Logo-White Background

Growth in Indian startup ecosystem has no doubt attracted the interests of investor and entrepreneurial minds from within the country and abroad. Moreover, the development in this sector has been so rapid that it is now grabbing eyeballs from one of the world’s largest Internet economies – Mainland China.

With Alibaba making the first move through its investments in Indian Internet firms, Chinese venture investors & angels have become sure of the opportunities, the Indian Startup sector offers. They witnessed an exponential & disruptive growth of Internet economy in China in the last decade, and now a similar expectation is drawing them to

iamWire, started in 2011 as a groundbreaker in digital & informative content for eCommerce industry in India, and soon expanded its content coverage across Startups, Technology, Mobile, Internet, Investment space, has now got the likes of group of investors from China, who have acquired a minority stake in Growthword Digital Private Limited, the holding company of iamWire.

The round is led by Beijing based, Li Tao, Founder & CEO, APUS Group; Li Jian, Founder & CEO, Draphant Consultants; and other investors including, Nitin Garg, Saurabh Jain and Mohit Agarwal.

Li Jian, Founder of Draphant Consultant, helps Chinese Angels & HNIs to invest in Indian Startups, and now will leverage the reach & market awareness of iamWire.

The company plans to use the raised capital in building scalable technology, helpful for startup founders; a part of the funds will also be utilized to innovate content to further grow the community.

iamWire envisions the creation of a singular platform for startup founders to get awareness, gain knowledge, receive fund raising support, and use product/services selection tools. It plans to scale the existing features & roll out more features and products in the future, to render a seamless experience to its professional readerbase across emerging Internet economies of the world.

The company is also in talks to raise Series A round of investment by October. Speaking on the market opportunity, Abhinav Dinesh, Co-Founder & CEO, iamWire said, “Witnessing the rise of cross geography transactions among either investor-to-startup or startup-to-vendor in the Internet Space, we believe iamWire can play a major role to bring together all key stakeholders in the Technology Space. Our vision is to help professionals understand and adopt technology innovation to its core to achieve scale in their respective businesses and careers”.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, Growthword Digital Private Limited was founded by Abhinav Dinesh & Sugandh Dhawan in March 2015. Previously, iamWire was incubated by Wirefoot India Technology Private Limited, a technology consulting & incubating company, established in 2007. Other portfolio companies of Wirefoot include, Hotify (a personalized news curation app) and Comezzo (an end-to-end content marketing & native ad-tech

iamWire focuses on innovations around technology, content & design for scaling the product. It is currently a 15 membered team, and has written about over 2,500 startups over the last 4 years. Over 1,500 startups from around the globe have signed up on its startup database section as of now.

Malini Srivastava launches web exclusive fashion store TAPYTI

Malini Srivastava, Director of EMMS Global, a leading Fashion Buying house catering to 5 continents, haeshopboxs launched a web exclusive women Fashion Brand, Tapyti, a Lithuanian word for an Artist, is intending to be loved and appreciated by female teenagers as well as working professionals. Fashion store Tapyti, with its strategy to focus on great designs and collections, has launched the eCommerce initiative with eShopbox, an end to end outsourcing partner for webstore and marketplace. eShopbox will enable Fashion store TAPYTI to catch up with the latest technology trends in the fashion market and ensure smooth functioning of  the store.

“Our customers will have a variety of options, to make the dressing experience a CHIC one.  The clothing that Tapyti offers, matches with all the moods of being casual or formal, ethnic or western for the Gen- Next.” Says Malini Srivastava, Founder of TAPYTI

Commenting on the announcement, Dheeraj Gandhi, Senior Business Analyst at eShopbox said, “We are delighted with the association of eShopbox with TAPYTI. Our focus would be on utilizing our technical expertise in  handling all the aspects of fashion eCommerce to help TAPYTI keep pace with innovation and increase customer satisfaction”.

The apparel offered by Fashion store TAPYTI are created by focussing on better designing, fashionable comfort and practical sense of dressing. Pricing would be competitive for targeting students and professionals in the age group of 16 years to 25 years. TAPYTI, will be catering to all over India, mainly in metro cities and B level towns.

By understanding the choices and needs of the new generation, TAPYTI has a futuristic objective to grow into a brand which is synonymous with fashionable and practical for the ‘REAL U in REAL LIFE’.

About the TAPYTI

TAPYTI, is a Lithuanian word, which means an artist or painter. TAPYTI the brand was launched in 2012 with a company which has vast experience in the fashion industry in the international arena. The styling always has a touch of international trends n silhouettes, with a clear perception of designing for the young n smart youth, stylish, comfortable and affordable products. TAPYTI is fashion for the chic you! Website-

About eShopbox

eShopbox is an on-demand e-Commerce technology and services company. They drive e-Commerce for fashion brands and help them provide a unique, brand-centric experience to their customers. eShopbox is led by experts with a rare combination of skill sets including technology, order fulfilment and marketing. The team brings together these qualities and collaborates with emerging brands to deliver rich e-Commerce action. Website-

Mr.Button expands e-commerce to 13 countries with Eshopbox


Mr. Button expands its presence in Europe, North America and Australia with its Exquisite fit, minimal designs and impeccable tailoring for the modern man

  • Mr. Button is available online in Europe through France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany
  • Styling men in Canada reaching North America
  • Expanding the horizon in Asia pacific with Singapore, New Zealand and Australia reach

MR BUTTON, the ultimate Men’s Style Destination to guide, inspire and provide men with sartorial clothing and effortless style today announced that it has expanded its business to 9 countries from India through e-commerce with the help of EShopBox, continuing the company’s international expansion.

This new business initiative from Mr Button transform one of India’s leading fashion brands into a global e-tail presence, driven by the EShopBox’s multi-channel commerce capabilities with end-to-end fulfillment with continuous innovation in complex, consumer-driven world. With this platform, Mr Button will offer a wide product range of well-crafted Shirts, Trousers, Blazers, Suits, Shorts to a wide international fashion conscious men.

“Expanding the Fashion portal to different geographies require a broader and deeper understanding of the complexities and challenges attached towards personalising the platform to suit varied geographies. The team at Eshopbox brilliantly comprehends the dynamics and has been helping us build a solid & robust platform to make that happen.  The platform aims to provide a unique mix of content, commerce & service”, said Deepak Khetan, Founder & CEO at Mr Button.

“We anticipate this initiative with Mr Button to be the first of many as we continue to grow global trade solutions capabilities of our ecommerce platform. We look forward to extend such capabilities to more of our current and prospective customers, providing them with a highly customizable, managed service that enables brands to rapidly react to customer behavior and scale their international business”, said Mayur Karwa, Chief Technology Officer, EShopBox.

Today brands need to manage various activities online and offline to deliver, exceptional ecommerce experience to its customers. Mr. Button in this respect has expanded to international markets with overwhelming response, exquisite fit, minimal designs and impeccable tailoring for the modern man. Eshopbox team is now helping Mr Button to re-launch a complete new web & mobile platform, which will not only help men find the most desirable clothing but also provide a well curated, personalized and guided shopping experience. In this fast paced growth aim is to keep the focus intact and provide a wow customer experience. Esohpbox has been instrumental in adopt to the ever changing dynamics of the industry.

Founded by Khetan Apparel Pvt Ltd., today, Mr Button is available online, in 9 countries and it is grown to be a global brand from India. With a vision in mind, Deepak Khetan, to make Indian men look as attractive, smart & stylish, down the street, like those under the Tuscan Sun., Mr button was cordially put together in August 2011, with an aim to become the ultimate style destination for men to meet their sartorial needs.

About MR BUTTON: Mr Button comes with a vision to bring in a wind of change and awareness among men to look sharp and dress smart. A wide product range of well-crafted Shirts, Trousers, Blazers, Suits, Shorts and Accessories all constructed under a high quality control and guidelines of Minimalism, Sharpness, Structure and Sartorial Style. For more info check:

About EShopBox: Eshopbox is an on-demand ecommerce technology and services company. They drive ecommerce for fashion brands and help them provides an unique, brand-centric experience to their customers. Eshopbox is led by experts with a unique combination of skill sets including technology, web fulfillment and marketing. The team brings together these capabilities and collaborates with emerging brands to deliver rich eCommerce action.For more info check :